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It’s the age of social media and everything revolves around it. Social media is not only to stay connected to people around the world but has already been proven to be quite essential aspect in world of business. Social media is of great use to reach out to potential clients and explore new resources for almost all kind of businesses. That’s when social media optimization comes into action. Social media optimization (SMO) is the most sophisticated tool designed to use the social media platform to manage and boast the growth of an organization. SMO works by creating and flashing the message online that is designed to mark the presence of the required business or proposal. Its ideally fit for any marketing strategist to use digital strategy, social media optimization to increase awareness of new products and services, connect with customers, and impress potential client. As the most standard approach towards digital marketing efforts social media marketing has evolved and accepted as the sought after solution to marketing issues. However as per the studies carried on to test effectiveness of social media over different marketing needs it has been realized that companies that do not succeed with social media optimization are neglecting social media optimization, which offers the benefits of strengthening a brand, lead generation, increased visibility in the online space, and better connections with a company’s audience Hence it is of utmost important to carefully structure and implement these tools. There are variety of social media resources that can be used to disseminate information, including social network websites such as Facebook and Twitter, RSS feeds and news aggregators, blogs, and video websites, such as YouTube. However which of the above would fit the best towards respective business marketing need has to be evaluated. Social Media Optimization renders helps needed to grow your company’s online presence. SMO is simply more than just setting up a profile on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter in order to get into the crowd of customers. SMO goes beyond by strategically creating, building and maximizing social media coverage to connect with right audience who means thorough business.