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Google announces site diversity change Google revamps Search to show no more than two results from the same site in the top results. However, if Google’s search algorithm considers results relevant to the search term, there may be more than 2 listings from the same site. With this Google attempts to give equal opportunity to websites with relevant content to appear when a user searches. Tik tokdoes a me-too with Youtube Adopting from YouTube’s playbook, TikTok bets on user-generated content to bring in more ads. TikTok launched the #MyTikTokStory campaign,  on the platform to encourage Indians to create 15-second videos on cooking, do-it-yourself, sports, pottery, dancing and singing. Bytedance believes that creators are the backbone of a platform like TikTok and is working to invest in the creative community. Instagram allows to promote influencers’ branded posts as feed ads Creators can opt for this when they make branded content, post it and tag the business and opt to Allow Business Partner to Promote. Thus influencers’ organic branded content feed post can be promoted as an ad. Once the advertiser follows the steps and instructions to promote the post, Facebook would review the ad and notify if it’s approved. The ad would then appear in the Instagram feeds of the audience the advertisers have chosen. LinkedIn partners with Oracle Data Cloud to video performance measurements easier According to LinkedIn members spend almost 3x more time watching video ads on the platform as compared to static and Sponsored Content. So they decided to make measurements easier for advertisers. LinkedIn advertisers can now validate their metrics for accuracy and compare video campaign results across platforms in one streamlined location, by using the Moat Analytics. It would also provide traffic quality verification. whatsapp confirms Status Ads in 2020 It was revealed in the Marketing Summit in Netherlands, that the popular ad-free mobile messaging platform, WhatsApp, will finally host ads. This intrusion will begin from the Status page. Currently, WhatsApp allows users to share messages, animated GIFs, pictures and videos on the Status page that disappear after 24 hours.