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  • ERP Support Services.
  • Expert, Local Support Services when you need it.

  • Ensuring that you have reliable ERP Support. Especially, SAP when you need it is a key element of our support service offering.

    We offer a number of services to help you make the most of your ERP investments quality oriented and cost effective. You can select product and technical support via phone or email. Training and consultation can be on an as-needed fee for service basis or we can tailor a support program specifically for your organization on a committed contract basis.


    KlouD InnoVisionZ offers global Helpdesk Support via telephone, email and fax. Our skilled support team will help resolve any technical problem. Especially, SAP, giving you a clear and simple solution.


    On-site support is ideal when implementing new features or new solutions, or for users who will be taking on new roles and tasks for projects. We at the KlouD InnoVIsionZ deploy SAP Consultants to accomplish your projects in time and with utmost quality

    Our Services in


    Kloud Innovisionz has a history of successful relationships with customers through diligent professional services, technical support, training and on - going consultation.Kloud Innovisionz is now spreading the hands over providing solutions For Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our Microsoft CRM experts have extensive hands on experience in live customer environments, which equips them to provide quick turnaround to users. Our experts have done a lot of customization and integration of Microsoft CRM with the third party software, have developed dashboards, etc. and have mastered the concept of XRM.

      Modules Delivered by Kloud Innovisionz

    • Sales Module
    • Service Management.
    • Marketing

    Kloud Innovisionz Capabilities

    Kloud Innovisionz offers two models of Microsoft CRM implementation:-

    • On-Premise
    • Online

    1) On-premise Implementation This is the conventional model of implementation where Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server license and the hardware required is bought and managed on site by the customer. Kloud Innovisionz Experts has done a number of on premise implementation of Microsoft CRM for clients across different Domain like Bank,Assets,Manufacturer, Insurance.Our experienced consultants would help you get a quick start and fast implementation. The solution would be customized to your specific requirements and would be integrated to your other enterprise systems.

    2) Online Implementation Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is an online solution which comes with 99.9% SLA and is completely owned and managed Microsoft. The data and infrastructure of any customer is maintained and managed by Microsoft using its secure data center and the clients need to pay a monthly subscription fee for each user to get access to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Kloud Innovisonz resources has excellent experience in migration of your CRM to CRM online & Customising it further as per your requirement.

      Customization or Development Services

    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization, Custom workflows, CRM Plug-in development, CRM Development Utilities
    • Third-Party Plug-in integration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • Enhancing Dashboards and Role center
    • Integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with various ERPs
    • Report Development
    • Customizing as per the business process